Add New Model

Extending the simulator with new component or control models.

Add a Component Model

In this section we will show the implementation of a new component model by means a three-phase dynamic phasor inductor model.


DPsim implements component models in a sub project called CPowerSystems (CPS) that is located in the models folder. This folder is added to the DPsim CMake project. Every component in DPsim is represented by a C++ class.

DPsim supports different types of solvers (MNA, DAE, NRP). Each solver requires certain member functions in the component class to be implemented. These functions are specified by the solver interface classes: MNAInterface.h, DAEInterface.h, etc.

Directory / Namespace Structure

For the implementation of the new component, we add two new files

  • models/Source/DP/DP_Ph3_Inductor.cpp
  • models/Include/DP/DP_Ph3_Inductor.h

In these files, we will implement a new C++ class with the name CPS::DP::Ph3::Inductor. The general structure looks as follows.


 |- Source
 |- Include
  \ models
      |- Source
          |- DP
          |- EMT
          |- Static
            \ Signal
      |- Include
          |- DP
          |- EMT
          |- Static
            \ Signal




Each components has a list of attributes, which has to be specified when creating the components class.

TODO: explain attribute system

Tasks for Pre/Post-step Functions

TODO: add example task dependency graph

Adding the new Component to DPsim

After finishing the implementation of the new component, it needs to be added to the following files:

  • models/Include/cps/Components.h
  • models/Source/CMakeLists.txt
  • Sources/Python/Module.cpp