Short-term planning for new features is done on the GitHub Project board.

You can also check the Issues List or the Pull Requests on GitHub.

Under Development

  • Solver
    • CUDA sparse implementation
    • improve online system matrix computation and refactorization to support nonlinear elements in network solution (NICSLU integration)
    • merge DAE solver branch
  • Interfaces
    • reimplement python interface using pybind and expose more models / functionalities
    • add python based examples using the VILLASnode interface
    • support matpower / pypower format for static simulation
  • Tests, Examples, CI
    • convert most of the examples to Python and test them against reference results in CI
    • convert more gitlab CI jobs to github actions
    • add IEEE39 system to examples
  • Models
    • VBR generator model
    • SVC
    • add tap-change to transfomer


  • Solver
    • improve integration of diakoptics solver
  • Interfaces
    • implement CIM reader in Python using new pybind interface and cimpy library